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I consider myself fortunate to have found Joanne through a recommendation from a friend. I was a point in my life where I was lost, scared, and needed to hear that my family's future would be okay. She made my fears disappear.


I was brought up Pentecostal and seeing a psychic/medium is taboo.  Nonetheless, there's a part of me that believes God speaks to certain individuals to convey His messages. I've secretly gone to see psychics, secret because I didn't want my family to know but I went because I know there's another realm out there that embodies God and I wanted to learn more about it.


I've gone into it without taking any of it too seriously but I do try to keep an open mind.  The ones I've gone to have been correct in what they've predicted, however, Joanne is very different from the rest.


Joanne is very warm, open, and kind. She welcomes you into her world.  She feels, hears and sees the spirits. I could see her breathing, her eyes, and her physical body moving as she encounters them.  She told me things about me and my husband's personality, she spoke about our pasts, she told me about our present position, and then she told me about our future.  She was completely correct about our personalities, past, and present. She knew things that only me and my husband would know.  She took down notes as she spoke and allowed me to do the same. She spent so much time with me.  As soon as I would think about a topic, she would speak on it without me saying a word. As far as the future was concerned, I was hopeful that she was right but I was cynical and so I left saying that may it happen and if it doesn't, then ... Whatever. I left feeling very hopeful, happy, and positive. Within weeks, everything she predicted came true.


I recommended her to several coworkers and friends. They all say that she's amazing and we've had many conversations about her gift.


A few months later, I had a court battle with my ex-husband over visitation. I was very stressed and worried about the direction it would go.  I went to see her for reiki. I never had reiki before and was skeptical, however, a friend of mine swore that Joanne was amazing so I thought I would try it.   I enjoyed my reiki session so much.  The room was warm, the music was peaceful and I felt so positive. After the reiki, Joanne spent some time speaking to me about the court case. She was completely correct about the outcome of the case down to the very fine details.


I went to see her again but this time with a friend.  I only had a limited time with Joanne but my time with her was amazing.  I asked her to tell me about my cousin that passed away. She told me that he was young, died in an accident, and that at his funeral there was a young woman with whom he was involved with but the rest of the family was unaware of.  Her body moved in the way his body was thrown during the accident.  She was correct about all aspects and details of his passing but more importantly, there was a young woman at the wake who was inconsolable.  It was his girlfriend. We had no idea that she existed until the funeral. I left amazed at her abilities.  She could never have known those details.


I saw her one more time before another embroiled court case. Again, she predicted the time it would end, the outcome of the case and the fine details of how it would all be resolved. She also told me that one of my children had a "gift".  She said that he had it since he was little. She said that I need to tell him not be afraid and she spent a lot of time focused on him.  That was something I did not believe and I thought she was crazy. At that point I thought "oh my goodness, how can I believe anything she says today?"  Nonetheless, I still left positive.  Well, less than 3 hours later, my son and I were getting something to eat and he blurted out that he has dreams/visions, since he was little, and that they come true.  I started shaking and all I could think was "oh my goodness, she's right"!!! I told him not to be afraid and he looked relieved.  On the day of the case, I wanted to believe that Joanne was right but it looked like the case was going the total opposite way and my skeptical side kept coming through.  However, at the time she said it would end, it did. She predicted that it would not go to trial and none of the people subpoenaed would have to testify. She predicted that I would be just fine. She was correct. Up until the minute before she predicted, I was going to trial and everyone was going to testify and then like a miracle, it was over.  She said it would be over in minutes when we reached the judge and she was right.  Basically, within three days every prediction she made came true.  She even predicted that my son would spend time at Rutgers and in Pennsylvania playing soccer but would then choose a local college because he wants to be closer to home.  My son a few weeks later spent a week at Rutgers and Pennsylvania playing soccer but then chose to stay local because he didn't want to leave home yet.  It doesn't get more specific and correct than that!


I'm a believer!  The skepticism has disappeared. This is an amazing woman with a gift from God.  She has not been wrong yet. 


A believer now,


 "Joanne has healing not only in her hands, but heart and in spirit-a session with Joanne, not only helped alleviate physical pain which I had been complaining of for months, but also helped to lighten up my mind and energies".

Mary – Yonkers, NY 

"Joanne is sensitive to your health issues.  She is very intuitive and knowledgeable.  You will definitely feel better after a session.

DMG Toms River, NJ

"Joanne is an angel sent from heaven to help others find and secure light in their lives.  I was a non-believer when Joanne told me about Reiki, but was interested enough to experience it.  However, since I was in great need of a massage, I asked her to incorporate Reiki in with a traditional massage.  I was at one of the lowest points in my life and in desperate need of relief…  This was the end of the holiday season which is wonderful, yet painful for me.  I lost my father prematurely to Cancer and miss him dearly!  At the time, I was still experiencing hormones from the birth of my daughter, all three of my family babysitters (free) went in for surgery one-by-one within weeks of one another.  I was given two days’ notice from my last resort family member to find full-time baby coverage for my infant and I am a full time working mother.  I was forced to enroll my daughter in Goddard full time.  She would join my son who was already enrolled full time as well.  I was certainly not prepared for this incredible financial burden placed upon me with no notice or preparation.  My husband just got a new job traveling several consecutive days each week and was not available to help on any level and both of my kids were sick (in and out of the doctor’soffice) from September 2008 till March 2009.  Needless to say, I was in desperate need of a massage- regardless of Reiki.  Long story short, after my session with Joanne, I have gone full force in learning about Reiki, crystals, mudras and chakras.  This path is an endless road to health and wellness which I will never stray from.  I have found calm, peace and serenity in my life which I am not about to give up.  After the session, I was completely relieved of all of my stress, finally got my menstrual cycle (which was out of whack because of my hormones), had peace and a different perspective on things- especially day-to-day mundane items that used to stress me out, now, I take in-stride.  I get everything accomplished in a day and am not tense or on-edge about things anymore.  I do not get as sick or have body aches the way I used to from my fibromyalgia.  I am now able to handle anything that comes my way and more.  I no longer get anxiety attacks (Post 9/11 survivor).  I handle my kids with more compassion and tenderness than before.  I have new eyes so to speak.  I see things with a positive tone, I listen to what people are saying and can feel their emotions more than before.  Some things are more painful for me- like watching the news and reading the newspaper, which I did religiously.  I now can only handle it in small increments as some stories about people and animals, especially children’s pain is too hard for me to handle- I start getting teary-eyed.  Joanne got rid of my sinus headache.  I do not lose my patience with my children and have helped pass this along to my husband and we are a more united front when dealing with our kids.  Since the first session with Joanne, I have completed levels I and II Reiki.  I am looking forward to my Master level in a few months.  I have numerous documented session of my own where I have been able to provide the same support and relief for others that Joanne has provided for me.  I feel blessed to have crossed paths with Joanne and never want to lose her friendship.  She is the type of person that anyone can talk to and is the least judgmental person I have met.  She is a blessing who has found her purpose in life.  Through her, I have found mine". 

Tiffany – Bayville, NJ

Dear Joanne,

Thank you for the Thai massage last week.  I found the whole experience very fulfilling.  The atmosphere and surroundings helped add to this experience.  I felt very relaxed and calm and almost drifted away to another place.  After I left I felt fantastic.  The aches and pains seemed to disappear.  In fact the next day I had an extra bounce in my step.  I really appreciate what you did for me and I look forward to seeing you next week. 

Ed – Westfield, NJ

"I have not only personally witnessed Joanne's evolving spiritual enlightenment, but I have also been her student in Reiki One and Two Attunements, which have given me benefits beyond words."

"In addition to my Reiki gift, Joanne has helped me achieve better balance of body, mind and spirit through crystal therapy, Thai Massage, and herbal remedies, all of which I find to be extremely therapeutic, helpful and will continue to use and enjoy."

"Joanne can best be described as a highly elevated person, with boundless love, joy, compassion, and heavenly energy."

"Her gifts have changed my life and I am forever grateful."

Gina G Union, NJ

"I have tried almost every spa on the Jersey Shore from Long Branch to LBI and was completely dissatisfied with the massages I was receiving. As a native New Yorker, I have pretty high standards for spa treatments and could not find the right place. Then, I was recommended to Joanne and now, I refuse to go to anyone else. If you are looking for a really GREAT massage and a masseuse who can find all your aches and pains and relieve them, Joanne is the perfect choice. She is also incredibly nice and makes you feel comfortable and totally relaxed. I can't wait for my next appointment!!"

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EH, Toms River NJ 

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