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Hands that help heal the world
Healing Arts NJ offers many different types of services including Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Hypnotherapy, Cleanses/Detoxes, Guidance Readings & more!

This Week at Healing Arts NJ

Qigong Saturday 11am March  15th Mary $10

  Wednesday Meditation Series 6:30PM  

Ellen presents different meditation weekly. $5

 Wednesday Yoga/Meditation 10:30AM $8

Weekly class with focus on meditation. Meg

March 10 Monday  7PM Mosstopia Workshop  with Angela Foy Build your own moss terrarium in this 2-hour workshop! Create your own little piece of art! Adults and children welcome. Everyone in attendance will receive a small glass terrarium, water spray bottle and plant care sheet. $20

March 11 Tuesday 7PM MEDITAMeditation Workshop Discover meditation of the present time. Focus on exploring our ‘identity’ and how we express it in our life and through the collective consciousness. Structure of energy centers both personally and universally. This is “meditation that opens our eyes to the world”.  Open to All. Frank Schmieder $10      908-432-5936


March 13 Thursday 7PM Spiritual & Psychic Development with Ellen $15-Come Play and Explore to develop more skills! This month: Discover your Psychic Type.


March 14 Friday  7 PM Chakra Toning/Sanskrit Healing Sounds Sound is vibration, and everything vibrates at a certain frequency.  When your voice chooses the needed frequency, your body's energy falls into balance. We will be working with the power of your own voice, as well as the collective to bring harmony, peace and "vibratiousness" back into our physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies.  Please leave any insecurities about singing at the door.  The frequencies will shift to whatever is needed, including sounding disharmonic at times.  You CAN do it.  I promise! Mary Casale $12  casalebird@hotmail.com732-664-7379

March 15 Saturday 3-5 PM Women’s Drum Circle with Mary Casale   Fellow goddesses, let us gather together in sacred space-- to drum & sing, to laugh & cry, to open our hearts & heal.  No experience necessary.  (Drums & rattles provided or bring your own.)  $12 732-664-7379

March 17  Monday 6:30 PM Energy Medicine Learn Donna Eden Techniques to improve health and wellness. Topic: Caregiving- Simple & loving ways for caregivers (or visitors) to engage with those in a hospital, assisted living/rehab, or in recovery at home. Caregivers will experience some of these wonderful mini-sessions themselves.  Siobhan Hutchinson, $15 609-752-1048  


March 19 Wednesday 7:15 PM Channeled Sound Healing   Come join Mary Casale as she channels the Ancestral Grandmothers, bringing thru healing and empowering tones, songs, energies and higher guidance.  Individualized healing may also come thru during class.  $15   732-664-7379


March 20 Thursday 6:30PM Helping Parents Heal Monthly support group open to parents that lost a child. Christine Volpe – 732-600-3942 Free




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